United States Marine Corps

  • I think the colors look great :snug:.

I love kurt noble, that’s another beautiful site… the navigation and what used to be the splash page were broken a long time ago, but it seems he’s fixed it, very nice as I said

thats a sick intro. i agree sharif the colors are good together.

what intro? the pseudo pixelation where the boxes form pics? I must not be seeing it because that cant be what you guys are amazed at.

good site not at all my bowl of soup of content

Awesome… I hadn’t been to that site in a while… as a former “Jarhead”
that made my smeckel hard… :thumb:

just realized that is a desert color scheme…

I love kurt noble

anyway looks good but I agree with guiness - what intro?

mlk I have a site more for you…
… :lol: :to:
just kidding… :pope:

Wow - that site looks really nice. I remember seeing an earlier version a while back, but this new version looks a lot nicer!