We are looking for a developer to design some new logos and banners using Flash. If you are interested please e-mail
[email protected]

UTC admin

You guys looking for a developer to get that image OVER the first line of text? :lol: Just Kidding! Nice site!
What exactly are you looking for?

and is this an anti-meat site? Cause if it is I don’t want to help to unite those cows-there will be war! And they could win. And I could end up being a philburger on some cows lips-or making someone sick because they didn’t refrigerate my dead carcass properly. Or, oh you get the picture.


Phil… the source of Mad human desease… :slight_smile:

Cows are already united enough… do we need them any more organized?

Your right! Could they be any more organized? There is the spare ribs in one section, the prime rib in another. :lol: And the ground beef? Thats where they all get together!
Get it? :smiley:


Why am I reminded of The Far Side here?

  • Kit

lol… too true Kitiara


and all that that implies…

I can just see it now - “Cows of the world unite”… Groups of adolescent cows shaking down small kids for change outside school. It shouldn’t be allowed, I tell you.

Hmm. Maybe I’ve had a teeny bit too much caffiene this morning?

Kitiara, Dave-
Or how about a long line of people being shepherded through a sticky wicket, and at the end of the wicket is a cow that takes what used to be called a cattle prod, and touches it against the humans anus thus electricuting him-

He then gets thrown on a meat hook whereby he is gutted, deboned as much as possible and cut up into servable parts. At restaurants the cows call their burgers, HAMBURGERS, and all the cows laugh and jest that there is no Ham in the burger, so why do they call it a hamburger? Should be called a HUMBURGER.

Meanwhile a small adolecsent child is in a stall, with barely enough room to move and is filthy with it’s own wastes, and the Cow remarks this is the best way to get really tender meat, while it’s child says he refuses to eat such things because of the needless human suffering.

Meanwhile, across the way is a barn full of women who have milking machines hooked up to their breasts-Doh!

It’s early, not ENOUGH caffein?

club me quick, just don’t brand me

Don’t ask where they put those branding irons.

I suppose it could be worse: Could be sheep and you lived in Wales… :slight_smile:

Or how would you like to be a chicken? Now that would be a real cluck. You are forced to eat your food out of the mud, you live in a furnace in the summer and in the winter your in a freezer, then when they bring you out of the freexer, back into the furnace.


It’s nice to meet so many comedians…. Seriously we are looking for someone to develop a new banner and possible new logo in flash. I have some ideas on what I would like, are any of you interested?

I was wondering if you were ever going to see our handiwerk- :lol:
Everyone around here is pretty phunny as a matter of phact. Do you have a page that you can put up with the details of what you would like? Size, images, effects, including text and whatever else? All the details you can muster. I can’t promise anything for anyone else but if anything is within my scope I wouldn’t mind throwing in a hand. i am sure others might as well. I assume we would get credit for the work on your site somehow? Any ideas on that issue?

How do you like your Vbulletin-boards? I looked at them and they are so darn expensive compared to ez boards, (of which I consequently often blasheme against) but what are the significant differnces between the two? Is it worth all that extra money? They are really sharp but do they have so many more features to justify that amount of dollars? I must know.