University is a-calling...!

stayed up last night with my secret love dreamweaver! (shhh its a secret)… :wink:

basically threw together a quick website to show off some of the more slick but less widely viewable web elements…

used flash, css, paint shop pro, dreamweaver, in an effort to create something to show at my upcoming uni interviews.

let me know what you think, no holding back, i need this to be of as high a quality as possible!

best viewed in explorer (seriously) and as yet no real content just layout, for content head to:

but thats just me going off the point…cheers!

Well it came up kinda small on my large monitor.

I think most of it looks pretty cool, just needs more content but by the sound of it you aren’t aiming for more content, you just want to get through the interview.

Very clean, nice looking site.

made it small as i want it to be fully visable on low-res monitors.
don’t want to have to worry that a tutor may try to look at the site but not be able…

thanks for your comments, any suggestions tho?


Yes : make it all in Flash !
pom 0]
PS : Looking very good.

Good use of color and composition! The slideshow is a great touch (nice effect) and makes it nice enough to be interesting without overbearing.

The only thing I’m not crazy about (and I’m being really picky) is that the buttons don’t match the design of the site in my opinion.

(P.S. I hate capital letters too.) :slight_smile:


What universities are you applying to? - just out of interest…