Unknown Extensions

Hey guys,

this is possibly the wrong place to post this so I apologize in advance but here it is

I have a couple of files with unknown extensions that I need to eventually open and view the text information within

The files originate from keyboard input… and its possibly raw data? not that I know what that is

the extensions are

.rkbd and .slotc2

heres a screenshot

This is what I see if i open them with wordpad

Obviously my goal as I mentioned is to be able to open the files and make sense out of the info

Figure it out and I’ll give you 100 bucks with PayPal

well, imo i think they’re self-created extensions. do you know where you got them from? maybe you can ask that person? i googled but couldn’t find anything…

Where did they come from? You might want to try to get some header info out of them. Try opening them in a hex editor and see what you cant find.

Couldn’t find them in http://filext.com/ either…although the site does offer this help in finding the source of the file


text?.. try notepad :wink:

hey guys

ive already tried using a hex editor… this is what i see… didnt help me one bit :frowning:

and yes if i knew where they came from it would be easier… but thats the problem… i dont :frowning:

i know what half of it is for so far - swamped at work so don’t know how much i can get done on it -

did they just appear? is this a test?

Try notepad as mentioned.

hey pr :slight_smile:

kinda like a test yea… i was given those 2 files and asked to retreive the infromation from them

did you really figure some of it out?

Does he get $100? Sarcasm?

if he figures it all out yes :slight_smile:


lets make it $200.00 for whoever figures it out

that important huh? i’ll tell ya for $500… :stuck_out_tongue:

nah, just kiddin’ man, i have no idea at all

edit: you happen to know if they are database files? on my internship i had files with a .bk6 ext, took me some time to figure it out, but apparently it’s a self-made ext (dBase file), and i could open them in foxpro…

Seems like a log for a certain program =/

Dude, why are posting ‘rewards’ when it’s not gonna happen?

to motivate someone to “make it happen” :slight_smile: