Unknown frame-rate slowdown

Hi all,

I am having a problem with a slideshow I made for a website. Basically there are 15 or so pictures that I created a fadein effect, then the image stays for 2 seconds and then it fades out. The fade in and fade out effect happens at the same time as the previous and next image fadein and out. Here is the code. Its all done with the timeline. When I hit enter and watch the movie go, when it gets to the fadein of the 11th or so picture the frame rate drops and the fadein/fadeout of the pictures gets choppy. Please take a look. The file is to big so I can’t attach, but should a 300K file slow down like that?

Thanks for any help.


Are you using onEnterFrame functions to fade in/out ? And if you do, are you deleting the functions when they are not needed anymore? If you’re not, that could explain the slow framerate.

I am not using actionscript, I am using timeline tweening effects to switch between pictures.

Whoa then it’s weird. Mind if I take a look at the file? (email it johan[at]bostrom[dot]se )

Does it do the same thing when you hold Control and hit Enter?

oh you aren’t hitting ctrl+enter?

jonathan I will send you the file in a second. And yes it does the same thing in when I hit control-enter or whenever it is played off my website.

Check it out


who’s jonathan? :wink:

Sorry its been one of those days? What would you rather me call you? :crazy:

Did you get my email scriptflipper?

yeah, did you get mine? :wink:

Thank you ScriptFlipper. I got your email, just a little slow because I have to deal with other work issues. I see the problem I was having, I wasn’t deleting the images after fading them out. Rookie mistake. Now I should really figure out how to make an automatic slideshow using AS. Went this route because it was keeping me up late.

BTW, how is Sweden this time of year?


You’re welcome! And image gallery in AS isn’t so hard to do, I think there are lots of tutorials on that topic too.

Sweden is nice! although It’s been raining every day the past week and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon :frowning: Well well, atleast I can sit with my computer then :stuck_out_tongue: