UNLOAD movie problem this time

Please help- I think that the answer is probably very simple but it is really stumping me!

Basically, I have got a presentation that I have built on the main timeline, where you flick through pages of my degree work.
There is a page with a button which says ‘view swf file’, and the user clicks on it and it loads the swf file (from the same folder as main movie) into level 0, replacing the main movie.

This works fine, and the interactive SWF can be viewed by the user, but:

HOW do I get back to the main movie?!!

I cant work out how, Ive tried scripting key press (escape) mouse events but nothing has any effect- the problem is, the SWF has no flash file so cannot be edited.
I see it as like a Jpeg being pasted, and now I need to somehow put a button on top of it for the user to click on.
Is this the right idea? How can I do this?

Please help I have my end of degree assessment next week!!

Bad idea. Load in level 1, or in a container clip, and then unload the movie. It’s far simpler and better (I don’t think you can get the _root back once you’ve unloaded it…).

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