Unload Movies

Hi all

I’ve been brave enough to make a somewhat large project as my first ever flash website.
It contains of several movie clips to be displayed in a couple of FLVPLayback components.

The problem is, however, that skipped movie clips doesn’t stop loading. And eventually lag the whole thing down.
I’ve also noticed that if the user is fast enough, Flash will skip my playerlabel.stop(0); command and continue playing its sound in the background.

I bet there’s a simple way to use unloadMovie to prevent this from happening. The only problem is I can’t find an answer to it anywhere. In fact I can’t figure out how to use the command at all.

I bet it’s a simple syntax error. I’ve tried both
…and various combinations, but don’t get it.

(playerlabel being the instance name of the FLVPlayback component)

Is there perhaps an even better hack to unload videos that aren’t being displayed no longer?
Please help!