unloadAndStop and extending Loader

hi all,

I have an asset management system which loads a bunch of external swfs, and when requested distributes copies of those swfs to other parts of an app (it creates instances of the classes to do this).

Anyway, when I use these loaded swfs somewhere and then remove them Flash does its trick of leaving the sounds running (as they are triggered by timers).

If they were Loader class items I could use .unloadAndStop() to shut them up and get them garbage collected, but they aren’t of course.

I thought I might be able to extend the Loader class and set the .content my self - which I have done by overiding the content getter in Loader. I was hoping I could then use unloadAndStop on that class but nothing happens. I’ve tried casting my fake Loader to a Loader as well and no joy.

Anyone know a way of giving my fake Loader class that unloadAndStop capability or possibly of another way of stopping all sounds/ timer s etc. on an instantied class over which you have no control?