Unsolveable Problem--$50 Reward for Answer

I am not smart enough to solve this. $50 bucks to anyone who can. I need a MC to print 6 INDIVIDUAL pages of content. I have external jpgs loaded into frame/page 2 adn frame/page 6. When i print the pages, the jpg’s never show up. I hve used loops to ensure they are loaded and all of that, but when the print is called they turn up blank anyway. I need the print to be called from a button. The ONLY way i have gotten the pics to print is to put the button directly on the frame the pics are on. This is no good because the pics in the alternate frame don’t print and it messes up the logical order fo the printouts. I am desperate for a fix and will pay quickly. Somebody out there can solve this, i am positive! Using MX2004 Pro.