ok, im having problems updating my site. i often update my flash program which is on the web. the net wont update my newly uploaded program unless you delete the temporary internet files. is there any way that i can fix this by having it use the new one insteads of the one in temparary files???

layne : [email protected]

easiest way: rename the swf!
you can dynamically add a random variable, but its faster do just rename it

at the end of the string, in the html, where you name your swf file, add “?=1”

the 1 is irrelivant, technicaly you can put anything you want there and it will work. Just be sure to change the html everytime you update to have a different “?=” statement.

does that make sense? If not, I’ll try to explain it better, though I might have to send an e-mail, as the explination includes html