Updating a map in Flash from a database

Hi… well, I’m new here and tried looking through the tutorials on the site and through the forums in hope of finding the help I need. However being unsuccessful I resort to ask here and I hope I’ve placed the tread in the right forum.

The main problem is about how to update a Flash movie using ASP and a database.

The task:
I have a map of an area divided into provinces. Each province has a color (of which there’s a limited number) and more than one province can have the same color - i.e. it’s a political map
(for an example see here, made with a series of pictures. Use the numbered links to the right of the picture).

The provinces are numbered and in the database is a list of when the different provinces changes color. The problem is then, how do I go through the database list (with delays inserted) and update the map so the provinces are updated accordingly?

Some thoughts:

  • I think Flash can be used for this, but I’m not sure and I hope you can help me out with that (is there a better way?).
  • I know that I could just make the changes directly in Flash manually but I would like to see if I could find a general solution I could use again later.
  • I’m currently thinking of making each province a Movie Clip, changing color at different frames, so I could call the Clip and change the frame when the province should change color.
  • The database list I considered loading into a JavaScript Array on the page, and use the JavaScript to update the Flash move. I think this could be done but I’m not sure about how to do it.

The advanced version includes the armies of the different factions (colors) being able to be positioned either on a road between two provinces or in a province. And perhaps an icon showing battles in provinces.

Help will be much appreciated. Any thoughts?