Updating a variable before it is used

dear experts help me become more like you!

Things have become a lot clearer for me since my last post so i hope this second attempt will make it easier for u to answer:
I have a ‘next’ button for a slideshow which i want to do the following:

on(press) {
where my variables have been defined in a Frame as:
var Url = ‘Pictures/photo’+Number+’.jpg’
var Number= 1;

The reason i have used the variable Number in my Url variable and not directly in the loadMovie target (which does work) is that i want to be able to sometimes change the variable Url. Eg. when a user clicks on a series button such as ‘Cities’ i could get the next button to cycle through the first picture in each series in my array serie[]:
_root.url = ‘Pictures/serie[Number]’+photo1.jpg

the problem remains that my next button continues to use the old value for number so i get the same image over and over again.
Anybody have any ideas??

thanxs a lot in advance!

_root.Number = _root.Number + 1;
var newURL = ‘Pictures/photo’ + _root.Number + ‘.jpg’;

you need to make a new string each time.

does that mean i can change the var newUrl inside the on(press) handler? if so how?

in the above case, everytime you press “it” _root.Number will increase by one and you will then load the respective URL. i.e. if you keeping pressing “it” you will load:





Yes, i know, my question was how can i use the same button to also use

Url = ‘Pictures/serie[Number]’+photo1.jpg

im pretty sure u cant change a variable inside a function so how do i set it up so that i can change var url from the outside when needed.

ill repeat that the reason i want to be able to do this is that my next button has to cycle through images in a folder (photo1,photo2…) and also when the user clicks a series button cycle through only the first image of each folder (see above and previous message).

im sorry i wasnt clear enough the first time, can u give it one more shot?

or anybody? im going crazy! balthazar

balthazar, please do not post the same question in more than one forum.