Updating Cookies in ASP


I’ve been looking for tutorial on updating cookie on classic ASP but to no avail.

Does anyone has any hint on doing it?

Currently i’m able to create cookie from the login page, where the logon user’s data from the database is read, then store into cookie. My database is created in Microsoft Access.

Some values that i transfer into the cookie are username, studentNo, and level.

It’s a quiz system that i’m doing now, therefore each user has their own level (Lvl 1,2,3) Most of them starts from 1. Whereby progressing as they passed, they move on to the next level (2, 3 etc)

Level should be an integer as it’s easier to increment, but i don’t think Microsoft Access stored it as integer, as previously i tried to increment, but i think it’s a string.

This is part of the beginning of the script where i read from my cookie, and try to store it as integer in ‘nLevel’. i want to see if nLevel has a value so i use “alert tag”.

var varLevel; //store user’s level

varLevel = Request.Cookies(“MATLOG”)(“lvl”);

Dim nLevel as Integer = Int32.Parse(varLevel);

alert (nLevel)

But then when i come to this page, the alert doesn’t come out.:wt:

Can it be solved, can someone point the way for me? Help… thanks alot!