Updating flashsites?

How do clients update their site if it’s made in flash?

(text and images)

I am new to server side issues.

And…which server side language should I look at to tell
time and date on a flash site.??



ok…the time and date is simply todays date (time is not important really).

I have an ASP script to tell the date…but this would mean hosting on a windows server when what I really want is linux servers.

I’m just looking for the easiest way to display todays date.

Next…my clients are all small business. I make flash sites and update them for the clients charging a small fee each time. Many want to do this themselves to save $. So, again I’m looking for the most efficient and cost effective solution to updating when the client doesnt have flash on their own computer.


flat text files, eveyone can use Notepad… :wink:

yes but i can’t update images in a text file!!

but flash can load jpg’s, and you can load the (new) path from the txt file…
be more explicit as to what you want then…