Upload Binary Data From Flash

We ran up against a problem that I was hoping someone could help with. I’ll try to spare whatever details are not needed.

Basically, I want to upload an image that has been loaded into Flash to a server. I can download from a server to the movie with a simple LoadMovie. However, sending it back has me perplexed.

I know about the FileReference class in Flash 8, but it seems to only work for uploading actual images on a user’s hard drive that they select.

Let’s assume that instead we have a JPEG in our movie and we want to send it back to the server for whatever reason. I’m aware that we can loop though each pixel and convert it to a string, and send that string. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out for us in our unique situation. We really need a binary method of transmitting it.

Does anyone know if this is possible? If not in Flash 8, can it be done in Flash 9/Flex?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!