Upload my text

can i have a html page with a box then in like a text file i write what i want it to say the box

the box would be blank then it loads up the text and i can edit the text file as i want without goinin and changin the html file

why not something like this

   #make a php file called frame.php
 #than use the iframe code used above 
 #replace src="textfile.text"
  # src="frame.php" with the following code
   $file ="sometext.txt";
   $fh = fopen($file,'r') or die ("couldnt open file to read");
   $file_size =filesize($file);
   $file_content = fread($fh,$file_size);
   fclose ($fh);
   echo '<body bgcolor="red"><font size="2">
   echo '<pre>';
   echo $file_content;
   echo '</pre>';