Uploading website and html query?

Ok where do I start?

I’ve created a site before using flash but it took ages to load so i’ve been back to the drawingboard and I’m getting ever closer to uploading the new version…
However to make sure I get everything right this time I thought I’d ask some advice…

First of all I’ve created a html document called index.html as my first page this introduces the viewer to the fact that the site is ‘flashed’ and they will need the plug-in etc… from now on the rest of my files are .swf files… is this right or do I have to include all the html files aswell?

I have also found that this html page will not stay in the middle of the screen depending on which resolution the screen is on… is there a way of making this page stay in the middle?

Before I had trouble with my site being detected on the web even after I put some pretty specific keywords in using dreamweaver!! What could I be doing wrong there?

And finally After viewing my site on IE through Dreamweaver I’ve found that I can’t view it on Netscape through Dreamweaver, does this mean that Netscape viewers will not be able to view my site once it’s on the web or is this just a Dreamweaver thing?

I hope someone out there understands any of what I’ve been whittering on about as this whole uploading thing is a bit confusing to say the least (plus none of the books i’ve purchased seem to even begin to explain what to do in this area).


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Spence, regarding your .swf files just make sure you embed them in to your index page! and to get it so your page is in the middle just put [c] after the <body> tags, then [/c] in front of the last </body> tag!

I’m not sure about the netscape question, and it may take time for search engines to pick up your site.
Hope this is what you wanted to know anyway. :slight_smile:


The center thing makes sence… however this may seem a silly question but how do I ‘embed’ the .swf files into the index.html?

you must open the html document and insert something like this Embedded Scripts and Applets not allowed
Does that make sence?

Sorry I’m a bit lost…
What embedded scripts?
I can open the html page in dreamweaver but then what?

Can you send me your mail address? I’ll explain! [email protected]

Also, you must remember that when you check a search engine, there are about 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 websites out there and probly about 4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 are going to have similar keywords. Just because your site doesn’t get put on the list doesn’t mean its not recognized. It might be way at the end of the list…the search engines always seem to put the most popular pages first, so if your page is a new page then they might put it last.

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OK, since no one has answered your question about Dreamweaver, i’ll do that…There is no such thing that since you have tested your page on IE through Dreamweaver and not on Netscape through Dreamweaver that it won’t work in Netscape. If you want to test your pages in Netscape through Dreamweaver you have to assign it as a secondary browser. To do this, click on File>Preview in Browser and click on edit browser list…Click on the plus sign and then give the browser a name eg. Netscape and in the Application textbox browse to the Netscape .exe file and double click on it…then click on secondary browser and if it asks, you can assign a shortcut for it although i think it assigns one automatically…

Or you can always do the old method of opening Netscape and browsing to your file.

hey nice one vazash! I didn’t know how to do that… thanks man :wink:

I have already put Netscape on as a secondary browser and that was my query? My site could be veiwed through IE (the first browser) but not through Netscape (my secondary browser) does this seem right to you Vazash?
Lobstars I’ll get in touch about the Embedding… Ta

Ok… I’ve just tried it the old way ie. going onto netscape and it seems that the index page works and it pulls up the first .swf file but then the site stops?
The first .swf file is a plain background which then loads up the rest of the site as separate movies. Is this not working because I havn’t embedded the swf files in the index page like lobstars was talking about?
And why does the site work fine on IE?

just mail me spence and I’ll sort you out the best I can :slight_smile: [email protected]

src=“your webspace.swf” height=888 width=88:cool: (/embed)

is that how your doing it? just change the ( to < ? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help but I havn’t done any of this embedding stuff!!
Do you mean I have to add all of my .swf files to the index page via this text you’ve given me or just the first one that starts the rest off etc ( my website is a collection of moviee using the loadmovie actionscript)
Do I add this text to the end of the already present source code in the index page?

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if you want to add a .swf into your html page then yep go ahead and embed it! if you’re calling for .swf’s via the load movie script then surely you just upload your .swf’s and give a file path… can someone else also try and figure this out with us :slight_smile: it’ll be a piece of **** for one of the masters!

how big is the .fla spence? can you mail it to me so I can take a look :slight_smile:
[email protected]

did you figure it out yet spen?