upuaut8 - sorry, thought it was working

i am still having problems with the quiz i am doing. You sent me the code:-

if (check1 == true && pa1 == answer){
“well done you has chosen the right answer”;
} else {
“wrong, you has chosen the wrong answer”;

I think there is possibly something wrong with my checkboxes, as this is the only part (check1 == true) which isn’t working at all in the code.

The checkboxes and the buttons are all within the movie clip, have also tried them outside it aswell.

any ideas where i could be going wrong?

hmm… well I’ll think on it… not sure what the problem is…

I’ll try a couple of experiments.

I agree with Pom… I think I’m going to need to see your FLA to really sort this out.

my E-mail is [email protected]

thanks for getting back to me. i have sent my fla off to you.

Hope you can help

thanks alastair

ok… I just checked… and I don’t see an e-mail from you. I also went into another account that I have and sent myself an e-mail… so I know it is working… just tested it.

Try resending… I’ll repost this, in case I got it wrong in my last post.
[email protected]

that’s me just re-sent my e-mail. i have used the address:-
[email protected]. hope it gets there.

cheers alastair

ok… it looks like you’re loading the variables into the movie clip called “movie”. When attempting to access these variables from inside another movie clip, instead of just calling out to it, you will need to add “_root.movie.” to the variable check

Though all variables in Flash are technicaly global, you still need to include a path to their location.

Usually what I try to do is create a movie clip that will hold all of my variables. Then in the beginning of the movie somewhere I’ll put something like

this way, anytime in the movie that I want to access variables, I know I just have to use the holder variable, and it will plug into the equation the location of the variables.

Does that make sense?

it does make some sense to me, so i’ll give it a try on monday and let u know if it worked.

have a great weekend


any luck?