URGENT! 1day and Half - is this possible random of three - animated? please

Hi all, I have been asked to create a fruit machine type animation, in which on click of say the handle, a radom display from three, i.e a 33% chance of a combination.

For example

Combination 1: 111
Combination 2: 222
Combination 3: 333

Combination one could say be three pictures of a banana, etc… Is this possible in flash, the deadline is really tight, and I am in a position where I am sure of approaching it.

1 day and a half, that includes design and the actionscript in which I am most worried not the design???

Any ideas people??

[Client request here]
Basically the user would hit the space bar to start the animation
The user would hit the space bar once to start the animation. The animation would be 3 reels of a fruit machine. They would all start spinning when the user hits space bar, and stop at one time, showing either a fruit or a company logo, there would be an equal chance of showing 1, 2, 3 logos when the reels are stopped.