URGENT -> attatchSound pblm

Hey Y’all,
I have an .swf file which has three Keyframes.
On the moment the movie loads I want it to start playing a sound, which has been set up to be exported for ActionScript via the Linkage… panel. So on first frame I have these actions assigned:
[COLOR=Magenta]my_sound = new Sound();
On the second frame (which is labelled “play”) I have these actions assigned:
I also have a button on this frame. In that button I have these actions assigned to it:
[COLOR=Magenta]on (release) {
On the third frame (which is labelled “stop”) I have these actions assigned:
I have a button on this frame as well, but this time these actions have been assigned to it:
[COLOR=Magenta]on (release) {

When the movie loads everything happens according to plan, the sound starts playing, and the playhead moves, and stops, on the third Keyframe. The problem arrises when you click the button for the first time. The sound which is already being heard starts playing again overtop itself??? then when you click it again everything plays out according to how it should… NOTE: this only happens when the movie is viewed online, when published and viewed on the desktop it acts fine…


Could this be a publishing error I am using MX 2004 and I’m publishing in Flash version 6 / ActionScript 2.0 / Exporting frame for classes in Frame 1…

Please if anyone can shed any light on this issue that’d be great …
Keep on contact, Romeo