URGENT button enabling/disabling thru array?

I have three buttons on my stage cmdA, cmdB, cmdC. I have set up an array and some functions on the first frame that looks like this:

[COLOR=Magenta]myButtons = new Array();
myButtons[0] = _root.cmdA;
myButtons[1] = _root.cmdB;
myButtons[2] = _root.cmdC;

_root.cmdA.onRelease = function(){
this.enabled = false;
myButtons[1,2].enabled = true;
mcLine._y = 60;

_root.cmdB.onRelease = function(){
this.enabled = false;
myButtons[0,2].enabled = true;
mcLine._y = 90;

_root.cmdC.onRelease = function(){
this.enabled = false;
myButtons[0,1].enabled = true;
mcLine._y = 120;

When I run the movie the second and third buttons (B,C) work perfecttly fine, but the first one tends to work sparatically and tends to stay disablled for a long period of timeā€¦ any Ideas???

Ps. I have posted url here -> http://www.touchthedesign.com/static/array/

keep on contact, Romeo