URGENT HELP! Printing in Flash

I’ve just finished design and all the other ActionScript for my Multi Media project but I’m stuck! I need a working AS that will do the following:

Once the user presses a certain button (in the flash, NOT on the keyboard), Flash will send teh entire frame with everything on it to the user’s printer, and it will print out and have everything that’s on teh screen on the page.

The project is an “easy storyboard creator” where i have four thumbnail blank areas and I have an AS that lets the user draw inside them, then on the right of the thumbnails are input text boxes where they can type a breif description of the particular shot, the Print Page Button is at the top and once the user is done drawing the four frames on the screen, they simply press teh button and it prints out, then they press “New Page” and it clears it so they can continue.

PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS ASAP! This is due Tomorrow morning! I didn’t push it off, i just figured it would be easier than this.