Urgent!preloaer with external swfs

Here’s a great problem with my movie.I have created a two -scened movie.The first contains my preloader,the second contains my main movie with the"loadMovieNum"action in order to load two external swfs at different level(they are complicated interfaces).But the preloader using the action".getBytesloaded" is showing up while the second scene is loading without waiting for the external movies,too.SO,how can I make a movie with A PERCENTAGE PRELOADER, which counts the kbs both of the main movie and the two external movies,as well? Is there any actionscript for this extremely annoying problem? I can’t find any answer!!!


Can you just put a preloader on the movies that you are loading? That way your main Preloader loads your interface, then after your interface is loaded and you are send there you can see the other sections being preloaded. This is only my suggestion because I have no clue how to do what you are asking…lol.