Urgent request for bellir

urgent request for bellir to get in touch,
I have only just recieved your private message as I was unaware such things existed (I’m new to forums) and I can’t figure out how to reply back to you,
If you get in touch and send me the dummy file I will see what I can do to help, as it stands from reading your message I can’t picture what the preloader is meant to be doing,
I’ve been to your site and the preloader definetly needs to be there:bandit:

If you’ve received a message from him you can clickn on “User CP” at the top of this html page. It will bring up private options for your user profile, plus a message center. Look for a link that says something like “View messages”.

Kirupa has disabled the member list section, so you can’t see the full list, but if you know what his profile name is you can send him a message in this same section.

I hope that helps.

Thanks again,
I followed your instructions so hopefully I got it right, time will tell if I hear from her soon.