Urgent - simple PHP help needed!

Hi guys,

$sendTo = "[email protected]"; 
$subject = "$name has registered"; 
$thanksTo = $_POST["email"]; 
$thanksSubject = "Thank you for visiting our website!"; 
$replyHeader = "From: [email protected]
$replyHeader .= "Reply-To: [email protected]"; 
$thanksMessage = "Thank you!"; 
mail($sendTo, $subject, "$name has registered. Details below:

Name: $name
Email Address: $email", $replyHeader); 
mail($thanksTo, $thanksSubject, $thanksMessage, $replyHeader); 

I’m using a Flash swf which outputs “name” and “email” to PHP, which I’ve done many times before. What I’m trying to do this time is auto-send a response to the user who’s registering, and also send a message to the website’s admin, telling them that someone’s registered. The above is a mix of a few tutorials I found, but it’s not working. I really need to solve this very quickly, so if someone could reply asap, it’d be much appreciated!

Boog :slight_smile: