Urgently Goto & play statement with variables

how can i allow the user to goto a specific part of a sound clip that contains a label
i have an input textbox that allows the user to enter a number…a sound clip that is divided into labeles ( 0,1,2…etc)& a button that contains the following action
on release{
where my var is a variable set by the user using the input box
i want the user to enter a number that indicates a label…& be able to jump to that part of the sound clip…i know i should be using Goto & play statement…but it doesn’t accept variables…how can i do that??

are they separate sounds clips in individual frames, or is it one long sound clip that you want the user to be able to start at various points?
The latter is tricky. The former you just tell it to go to frame numbers, based upon those key pushes… you shouldn’t even need frame labels.

Hmm…If I don’t seem to be understanding what you’re saying, just reitterate the problem for me.