Urgently needed help!

I got my first job!!! :slight_smile:

but i also got my first big problem
i am not feeling creative today, :frowning:
so i dont know how to design a website:

Green Forest Breeders (name of the company)
they breed dogs (yorkie, pomeranians, chihuahua)

can you give me some ideas on what to do (they want a tender , nice and attractive flash interface)


Thatโ€™s the job that Iโ€™m very much looking for!

I not really a master webmaster but I did some jobs in the recent past and they were satisfied. :slight_smile:

I think it is great to have a product intro to your project. since itโ€™s dogs it should feature dogs. dogs look great over a white background I think with some text or paragraph on the left. If you will used flash add some dog sounds of different breeds.

Thatโ€™s about all I could think of. Hope it helps!


that sounds great, but where can i find dog sounds (flashkit only has 1)??

have you tried:


lots oโ€™ sounds:P