URL Vars to Flash to PHP?

Basically I am trying to get data from a url var to flash (which I have done succesfully), then I am trying to pass this variable to php using get/post, which I always end up with “undefined”, I have another textbox, that I send data to another php file just fine, so its not that I am doing it wrong, as I have 1 working method… (diagram)

Flash -> process.php (working) textfield 2
Url Var -> Flash -> process.php (undefined) textfield 1

well, i am retrieving data from a url var “?id=test”, and I am trying to use that var to send with the form process to an email, it showed correctly on the flash applet, but when i try to send it via GET it says undefined

The tutorial I used: http://blog.guya.net/2006/07/21/best-way-to-get-address-variables-into-flash/

An example: http://blog.guya.net/wp-content/uploads/2006/07/page.html?var1=Jon&var2=Smith
(Note: I am trying to get the displayed vars, to send with post/get data, once they are received)