URLVariables from URLLoader with dataformat.BINARY?

Hi all.

I send an image converted to a byteArray to a PHP server where, if saved successfully, returns an echo response.

$someString = “anythingcangohere”
echo “responseString=” . $someString;


Back in AS3. I have caught this response and i can place it in a text field like this:

stage.textField.text = e.target.data;

This shows me what i want:


Here is the problem, when i try to covert this to urlVariables:

var urlVariables:URLVariables = URLVariables (e.target.data);
stage.textField.text = urlVariables.responseString;

The SWF fails silently.

No matter what i do to the data first, i always get a silent failure.

I have a feeling that it is because my URLLoader class is of dataType URLLoaderDataFormat.BINARY;

If this is the case, can you please advise me because i cant progress :(. Its one of those things that make no sense. If the textfireld understanding e.target.data then why cant URLVariables?