Useing the DateField not for what it was ment for

OK I have a personal project that I’m had in mind for about a year now but haven’t got close to figureing it out (sorry about spelling).

I want to take a XML file and load a journal entry
<journalEntry>this is my first entry</journalEntry>


<journalEntry>this is my 2nd entry</journalEntry>


<journalEntry>this is my 3rd entry</journalEntry>


now if I take a dateField componet and a textbox componet along witht xml connector. How do I link it up with the datefield.

the datefield has a nice box to click on and pulls up a calender. I was to use that. I want it to goto my xml find that “date” and put the “journalEntry” into the textbox, with the date still showing.

but when I do it I don’t how to get the textBox to match with the date"

has anyone seen this used this way or am i using the DateField not for what it was ment for.

if you have any Ideas, solutions please let me know. It seems like its possable and not that far fetched.