User Interaction: Moving images

I would like to present a number of images which can be moved around within the flash presentation, eventually leading to a personalised picture which can then be saved and emailed to me…

I’ll worry about saving the info later, I’m new to flash and have gained basic ability, my essential ‘catalogue’ is already built but I’m having trouble working out how to allow certain images the user interaction I require - any ideas? Or possibly and examples I can download and fiddle with?

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.


You can add this actionscript to your images. Make them to buttons first.

 on (press) {
 	startDrag(this, false, 0, 0, width_in_pixels, hight_in_pixels);
 on (release) {

Replace width_in_pixels and hight_in_pixels with your own draggable area.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to ask!

Simon Henriksen