User Login Database/ Load Movie (?)

Ok, my friend and I belong to an organization. In this organization, we are split up into committees. What we are trying to do is have it where there is a ListBox and they select their name. After selecting there name, they click the button labeled Login below. That will take them to a screen where they must enter their given username and password. After that, they must click Login. Then it changes to a screen confirming the login. At the bottom of this screen, there is a button labeled --> to continue on. When clicked, this should go to a screen where it loads a movie*. Once the movie is loaded, it should go to a frame (that is in the movie being loaded) that is labeled with the person’s last name, and it should stop on this frame and show the info that needs to be displayed to that person.

Problem: Everything works up until the point where you click -->. Once you click --> it takes you to the frame where the movie should be loaded, but the movie doesn’t load.

-Is there anyone who would know how to fix this?
-If not, is there any other way we could do some type of User Login Databse that, once logged in correctly, will take you to a frame that loads a frame in a movie labeled with the person’s username?
-Do you know of a tutorial on how to make a user registration for this login? If so, please post.
-Also, if you know of any tutorials on how I could do this, could you please post them on here?

Help is GREATLY appreciated. :ne: