User-modified Stage

I want to create a flash movie to do the following things:
1.) Allow users to dynamically load clips (that are resizable, rotational, and movable by user) onto the stage.

2.) The clips should be able to be deleted if the user wishes, or they can modify the properties(scale, rotation, alpha, etc) of any clip by clicking on it to make it the “active clip” and then selecting their options.

3.) Allow the user to save their settings to a database so that they can retrieve it upon their return. I am not asking for any help with the PHP or MySql, but I want to figure out the best way to store the variables.

I’ve been working with flash on and off again for a few years, but I am still quite a novice compared to many users of this forum. I’m thinking I need to use either some sort of array or XML or a combination of the two to save the settings for all the clips.

Thank you so much for any input,