Using a css file: Does not seem to work

Hi guys,

I am following a tutorial from, it is great. I have only one problem. I just cannot include a css file when I use the following code:

var cssStyles:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
cssStyles.onLoad = function(success){
loadedinfo.styleSheet = cssStyles;

It seems everything is going well, but non of the specified css statements are applied to the text. So when I run my swf file it does output the text, but not with the defined css output. I am not getting any errors when I run this code and it seems that the above if statement returns ‘success’ because the text gets loaded.

My .fla files can be found on
I make a about_us.swf that is loaded into the master.swf

Can somebody help me out?

Greetings Arno