Using a variable to launch QT Lightbox


This is fairly complex, but I’d really appreciate some help.

I’m trying to tweak some existing AS3 code that links to a URL, based on the “targetFrame” var. So can instead of having an html link, I’d like to use a javascript to open a lightbox of a quicktime movie.

I know how to:
-Launch the lightbox for the quicktime movie from HTML.
-Launch a lightbox for an image from AS.

But not the combination of both. So my question is:

How do I use the “targetFrame” var in a way that javascript will call the right file in the lightbox command.

What I have now (calling the jpg file in the browser window):

	private function clickHandler( e:MouseEvent ):void {
	var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest( _node["@href"] );
	var targetFrame:String = ( _node["@target"] == undefined ) ? "_self" : _node["@target"];
	navigateToURL( request, targetFrame );

The lightbox I’ve used in the past to launch quicktime movies from HTML is Shadowbox, but I’m not particular.

If anyone has an code suggestions for the above OR an idea for a good quicktime-enabled lightbox script that can be launched from action script, I will be forever grateful.