Using action tu alter tint efect?

Nead advice,…

I wonder… is it posible to use action script to change tint efect on object…
I found only alpha property posible to change…

I nead to put color (100%) tint on instance… an then using actions change this percents depending on user behaver… (I can do it withaut actions… but I dont wont to… (lot of work…))

thanks for time.

Try this. Some buttons I did that chane alpha by actionscript.

Or try this …

Flash uses RGB colour space to describe colours. This example dynamically transform a colour object to black and white.

Any coloured object in Flash has four attributes red, blue, green and alpha (transparency). Red Green and Blue may have values from -255 to 255 and Alpha ranges from 0 to 100 (0=fully transparent and 100=fully opaque)

Flash allows you to manipulate these properties either manually when authoring an fla or dynamically (by ActionScript) at runtime in the swf.

To manipulate colour offsets manually:

Define the object that you want to colour as a Movie Clip (select the object, click F8, choose Movie Clip and give an instance name). Then select the Effects palatte and choose Advanced from the drop down menu.
Drag the slider bars and look at how the colour of the image changes. If you set the values so that R=0%, G=0%, B=0% and Alpha=40% you will see that you have a pretty good approximation of black and white.

To manipulate the offsets dynamically:
First of all you have to define a colour object - i.e. you have to specify an instance of a movie clip whose colour you want to change. Here we’re using the instance mcInstance:

chameleon= new Color (mcInstance)

Next we need to specify a colour transformation we wish to perform - a colour transformation object. To achive the black and white look our colour transformation (named colourChange) object is:

colourChange = { ra: ‘0’, rb: ‘0’, ga: ‘0’, gb: ‘0’, ba: ‘0’, bb: ‘0’, aa: ‘40’, ab: ‘0’}

Then we invoke the colour transformation method:


and we have dynamically changed the colour.

on (release) {
newColour = 0xffff00;
newC = new Color(this);

Change ffff00 to your colour.

EDIT: Because of Flash, I’m even starting to spell colour, color.

… A know about alpha property… but … hey… I just put second same object on top… put tint for certant color… and control alpfa f it with actions… :slight_smile: thanks

Hey jsk, can you elaborate on the setTransform thing? I’m too lazy to look up the AS dictionary…

pom :asian:

No worries!

If you create a MC or graphic, then select advanced in the Effect panel you’ll find 8 values you can adjust: two each for the red, green, blue and alpha channels. The left value (which ranges from -100% to 100%) is the colour saturation; the right value (which ranges from -255 to 255) is the hexadecimal colour offset. If you mess around with different values, you’ll find you can change the colour of your object.

The colorTransformobject(), which is a native Flash object, is used to adjust these values dynamically. It is declared in the form:

myColourTransformObject = { ra: ‘0’, rb: ‘0’, ga: ‘0’, gb: ‘0’, ba: ‘0’, bb: ‘0’, aa: ‘40’, ab: ‘0’}

where ra is the %red saturation, rb is the red hexadecimal offset, ga is the %green saturation, etc.

To perform a colour transformation: first identify the MC you wish to transform by instantiating a new Color object

myColourObject = new Color(myMCinstanceName)

then use setTransform()


Why bother? Well in practice I’ve used it to change the colour of gradients while retaining the gradient texture - the last time I used it was for a game where a series of spheres (drawn with offset radial gradients) changed colour; to change the colour of MC with soft edges while still retaining the soft edge; and to perform dynamic colour transformations on jpegs.

For everything else there’s color.setRGB()