Using AS3 to blink movie clip

I’m trying to blink a movie clip, say every 25 milliseconds. I also want “titleBlink()” function to start after a set delay and then stop blinking after, say, 2 seconds.

I’ve tried using Tweener as the delay, then wrapping the blink code in AS3’s timer class, but it didn’t work properly.

Here is my “blinking” code:

var blinkInterval:Number=25;	
setInterval(titleBlink, blinkInterval);

function titleBlink() {
	if (_externalMovie.panel.panelTitleBarMain.panelTitle.visible ==true) {
		_externalMovie.panel.panelTitleBarMain.panelTitle.visible =false;
	}else {
		_externalMovie.panel.panelTitleBarMain.panelTitle.visible =true;


Any ideas?

Thank you