Using bullet lists from external .txt files


In my flash file, I’m calling external data from a .txt file which is being formated from an imported .css file.

Everything is working well, but I can’t seem to make unordered bullet lists display correctly.

I read that the <ul> and <ol> commands are not read by flash and that it only read the <li>.

The problem is the space between each item in the list is extremely huge. It’s almost 4-5 lines between each item in the list.

Is there anything I can do to make the items in the list closer together?

Even if it involves dropping the lists and some how just adding the round disk bullet to appear to the left of each item would work.

I tried looking around to see if i can find am ASCII code that looked like the round disk you see in a bullet list, but couldn’t find one.

I was going to use an image, but figured it might cause the text to take longer to load… however as a last resort i will consider this.

Thank you in advance for your replies and feedback. :slight_smile: