Using classes that inherit from MovieClip?

Hello all.

I was wondering if the wonderful people at kirupa could shed some light on how I would go about creating a new instance of a class that inherits from the MovieClip class. Rather, I know how to adjust linkage properties inside the library, and can create new instances that way… but my main problem is that a good number of times I find I want to create a new instance using the Constructor function, which is chock full of parameters that I use inside the class. I currently have a class called MenuButton, and if I use Linkage properties, I can make it all work just fine… But I also have a class called Menu, which arranges those MenuButtons… by creating them using MenuButton’s Constructor. According to my code, these instances are created… but they are not visible and do not show up in the debugger.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Read this excellent tutorial by Senocular:

sounds excellent! thank you very much.

You’re welcome, feel free to ask any questions you’ve got - but search first :wink: