Using Deramweaver and Flash Together

Does anyone see any benifit in using DWMX and Flash together, for more than just centering a movie.

Maybe having the menu done in flash
but how would u get variables out of flash??

Or how bout the menu done in DWMX and have them open a flash movie that dynamically opened up the resulting text file, so you could have backround animations done in flash

Does anyone have any ideas on the usfelness of this or any other ideas on what would be uselful?

you can send variables out of flash that interact with things you’ve embedded in the page… for one thing, you can send commands and parameters to JavaScript functions. You can also send vars to PHP, or other server-side scripts, if you know what to do with it once you’ve sent it.

Personally, I use Dreamweaver to create XML files that I parse in Flash, and when necessary, I send commands to JavaScript from Flash. (Like on most of my buttons, I send info to the JavaScript window.status variable… So I can have alt text displayed in the status bar on rollover.)

Also, Dreamweaver helps a lot if you’re trying to have a page with multiple flash movies, especially if those movies interact with one another.

Hope this helps. (If you want more info on any of these, just ask me.)

Thanks for the reply, When would be a time when I would want many movies to interact together??

Uh… I used to have a version of my site that had two movies, one was a menu, and the other allowed the user to change the color of the page using CSS Styles. And using LocalConnection, I let the one movie send the new color to the second, and simultaneously change the color of the page itself. (the HTML part)

hope that helps.

It does but one more question how did u send the button the user pushed to the site to change the page(what methods)

unfortunately, I can’t find the page I had… I may be able to find it in my backup files… but basically I used localConnection to send the variables between the two movies, and in the receiving movie, I evaluated the data, and told my background movie clip to gotoAndStop on the label that corresponded to the color I sent it. Then for the background change, I had a JavaScript File that I didn’t understand at the time, (but I understand now) that (when called by the sender movie) changed the style that was being applied to the main page (that contained both movies).

If I find the backup files and remember, I’ll try and post more info later.

no no thats all i need, thanks so much for the help