Using drawing api to create dynamic tweening?

So here’s what i’m trying to do. i want to create a swf that will have a map on it and drag and drop icons… no big deal so far. But then i want to be able to drop an icon on the map and let the user draw a path and have the icon that i dropped tween along the path that the user drew in the swf. Is this possible? I’m currently using Flash 5 but am getting ready to upgrade. I’m excited about the dynamic external jpg option and drawing api, but am still unclear if Flash can handle what i’m trying to do. Any insights would be helpful. Ideally, the user input on the swf will be savable to a txt or csv file which could also be recalled or switched out.

you can tween a movie dynamically in flash 5, you just won’t be able to draw the map dynamically.
i will write up an open source file today (in flash 5 and it will work in mx) and post it in this forum.