Using flash with drop-downs to make an order form

I’m trying to make an order form of sorts with flash. I want the user to be able to use a series of text boxes and drop-down lists to create a personalized frame, then when they hit the SUBMIT button, it sends the custom frame to my email address, where I can start to work on it. Here’s a flash example of what I want, I already have some drop-downs implemented here but they only drop down, nothing else.

(I’m only going to ask one question at a time…it’s just easier) First question is this: How do I make the drop-down boxes work? I’m gonna have a list for each side of the frame, and when they select an option it reflects that option on the frame to the right.

Note that at the beginning, the frame will be completely blank… When they click, say, graduate, the little diplomas will then show up on which ever side they chose.

Get what I mean?