Using getURL with Frame Labels

i’m using buttons with the getURL action to navigate to different pages in my site. each “page” in effect, is an .html document comprised of an embedded .swf.

is there a way to target to a specific frame label in the requested .swf, when the getURL action is initiated? in other words when i press the “info” button that brings up the “info.html” page, is there a way i can navigate to a specific frame label from within the info.swf? seems like it should be a really simple thing to do. i don’t quite know if what i’m asking makes sense, but in essence, i would want something like this button script to accomplish what i’m talking about:


where “details” would be the frame label i would want the playhead to navigate to, and the “enterframe” bit would be referencing the loaded (info.swf) movie. again i realize the above code is flawed, one reason being the onClipEvent handler is reserved for MC symbols and not buttons, but for whatever reasons (i’m not by any means thoroughly experienced in actionscript), if anyone could shed some light on this it would be appreciated. or even a comment as to what is flawed about the code, not just syntactically, but conceptually as well.