Using global variables in swf's imported using LoadMovie?

Hi all,
I have posted this to one or to of you personally, and was advised to stick it on the forum, so first my appologies to those of you who recieved this similar message in your message box…

I have been looking for posts regarding using global variables in and from external movies, I am having problems, but am sure it is easy enough to do.

In the main movie I define a global variable _global.shorts = false.

I have a button with the following on…

on (release) {
_global.shorts = true;
popup_mc.loadMovie(shorts.swf, “POST”); //I’ve also tried GET!

This opens a popup window into an empty movie clip on my page, and turns off a variety of properties.

In my setup script on the first frame I have:

if(_global.shorts == false){


if(_global.shorts == true){


On the close button of the popup window I have the following:

on (release) {
_global.shorts = false;

This should turn back on the properties that were disabled when I opened the popup, and trace “true”
but instead it returns “undefined”

and does not write “false” back to the global that was defined on the setup script, rather it creates it’s own “local” global variable called _global.shorts which is no good to man nor beast!

I have tried using _root._global.shirt, _root.shirt, adding the variables to the loadMovle call, but nothing seems to let me trace the global with the correct value in the shirt popup.

Is there something I need to do to pass the variable to the shirt.swf when I load it?

Any help would be a godsend!