Using javascript to open a window

I have been trying to make an image gallery where when you click on a thumbnail, the picture will load in a popup window. I used Kirupa’s tutorial on using javascript to accomplish this, and it works great. Everything works fine when the user closes each picture before trying to view the next.

The one problem I have now is that if the user tries to open a picture when another is already open, the second picture gets loaded into the first popup window, rather than creating a new window (which is a problem because my pictures are all different dimensions).

How can I get it to open a new popup for each picture, even when another popup is already open? Thanks in advance,


getURL(“‘html’, ‘title’)”);

there are some other commands you can put in, but i don’t exactly know them.

Hello there, I’m Igor and it looks like if I will be posting some questions ih this forum.

First one: I did the tutorial for opening this window but I also can not load the contents in a new window once the first one is opened.
Question(1): How can I target the content to be loaded in a another bordless window (No status bar, navication, title, etc)?

Question (2) Did you managed already ?

Thanks a lot, I’ve been busy three days with this and nothig yet.

Great site Kirupa, keep up the work!!!…ained.html



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