Using onRollOver to make a submenu but using onRelease for subbuttons... HELP PLZ!

Ok here is the problem. i have a movieclip that is working as a button. onRollOver the moveclip goes to frame 2 where the submenu appears. Here is where the problem starts.

The submenu buttons use hitTest for their animation. I want to be able to click one of the submenu items and use
button.onRelease = function() {
To make it link to a different site. The problem is it just doesn’t seem to work.

I think the problem is when I try to click on the submenu buttons, since they are nested in a movieclip that already uses onRollOver, it isn’t recognizing i am clicking on the subbutton. I used onRollOver instead of a HitTest for the main buttons because if it used HitTest several popup menu’s would show up at a time, so that is not a solution.

Basically, does anyone know how to make it so i can have a movieclip nested in another movieclip where the parent uses onRollOver and the sub movieclip uses OnRelease. Whenever i try to do it the sub just doesn’t work. THANKS A LOT