Using php include() to display an XML file...and work?

Hi guys

For a project I’m doing at the moment, I have created an RSS feed, and wish to have this shown on the homepage, as well as through the standard RSS method.

So, I’ve created an XSLT file and applied it to the XML file, and when I view the XML file on its own, then everything works fine and I am happy.

I then use the PHP include() tag to include it in the main webpage. I change the links so that they’re relative to this page, but it doesn’t work. Any images linked will display, and any text that I type into the XSL file displays as well, but any information I get from the <xsl:value-of… tag simply doesn’t show!

Does anyone happen to have any help on how I can do this, or any alternative methods to including the XML file on the homepage? Any help is much appreciated, and I hope I have explained myself clear enough!