Using PHP variables in AS

Ok I’ve trolled around as much as I can and am still unable to get this to work, so thought I’d bite the bullet and make yet another post :slight_smile:

my script is connecting to an external PHP file. The php file is collecting info from a database and then printing them as a variable that flash can display. The database is a member database and is using an IF statement to draw out a select few from this database who are linked as being part of the “Watcher” guild. So, the database parses two main bulks of variables to flash:

Count - the amount of members who are part of the “Watcher” guild
WatcherXXX - where XXX is replaced with the number gained from count.

I.E. the following info is parsed:

count = 3
watcher1 = bob
watcher2 = blah
watcher3 = hohoho

Thats the PHP bit. I’m then using the following AS to collect that data and dump it into a movieclip:

onClipEvent (load) {
loadVariables(“flash_test.php”, this, “GET”);

The movie clip then uses the info collected from the PHP file and dynamicaly creates dynamic text fields and deposits each of the “watcherXXX” variables into the text field:

//make textboxes
//create some formatting for our text box
myTextFormat = new TextFormat();
myTextFormat.font = “Arial”;
myTextFormat.size = 12;
//format our text box

That works. It creates 10 boxes on the page and in the example I’ve used here, the top three boxes would each display “Bob”, “Blah” and “Hohoho” respectfully.

However, I want the script to be a little more clever than this. As it stands right now, I effectively have 7 boxes needlessly being displayed on the screen. So what I want is for the contents of “count” to determine how many times the FOR loop passes. However, as hard as I try I cannot get the AS to read the variable “count” and use it in the code.

Essentialy, I want the script to say “ok, that PHP file is telling me there are only 3 members to display so I will only create three dynamic textfields” and so it then creates 3 dynamic text fields and places the name from each member into those fields and then stops.