Using random code

Got a simple little problem which I can’t seem to find on any of the tutorials so hope one of ya’s can help me out here. I have a simple little game I have created, similar to the street game where they mix the 3 cards and you choose what its under or which card its under. I have everything working fine but what syntax do I use to have the person choose the right one? in other words, I am familiar with hit test using MC’s, but what about when the person is using his mouse and clicks on the right MC, what code would I use to see if its the right one that he chose? Hope you all understand what I am asking. Thanks,

bunch of different ways to do this… a bunch. For just three cards, and a single chance to guess where the “lady” is… one option could be to assign a variable when one of the cards is chosen and check against the variable.

so, when the movie starts you could have a variable


if they click on black

trace(“you lose”);

on the red card…

trace(“you win”);

that is a simple and crude method, but I think it shoud work. Like a said… bunch of different ways to do it…