Hello. I am very new to react so apologies if this is trivial.

I have been through the online tutorial in this site, and also did so from the amazon book, and I am stuck in the “using redux in react” tutorial in

I followed the steps exactly and checked and re-checked many times but I keep getting this error:

./src/index.jsModule not found: Can’t resolve ‘./App’ in ‘<…folder…>\reduxcounter\src’

I checked in my folders and everything exists. Is there a bug or omission in the example?

I would be grateful for any help.

Hi @cmrts! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Can you share a link to your source code? That will help in figuring out what is going wrong.

Hi Kirupa.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I set up a github account and saved everything here

I only uploaded the public and scr folders. I suspect the issue is that the App.js file doesn’t have an export statement for App? even if I add, it is a delicate part of the example that I’d hate to tamper with!